this is a sasquatch

an embellished introduction

Call me Chase. Some years ago – never mind how long precisely – having little or no direction, and nothing in particular to interest me at the time, I thought I would start to write a little, and ponder areas of thought I hadn't before. It is a way I have of driving off the meh and regulating a flow of passion. In that light an introduction was born.

So then, who am I? For starters, we'll begin with my name. First, I was named after some actor on a TV show that my mom thought was cute. I do wonder what my dad thought of the man. Second, when I hand my Chase bankcard to a cashier at a store, it's generally followed by an epic point of inquiry—do I work for or own the bank? I just smile, take my card and walk away. But I do wish people took a deeper look, to see me for who I really am. I'm more than a sitcom, and I'm more than money—so who am I?

I moved to the states back in 2002. Before that I spent a significant portion of my child hood in the foothills of the Himalayas at the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve in Northern India. My father was doing research on some new species of vegetation there at the time. I still fondly remember him telling me about his research while we sat and looked over the flooded Basmati rice fields nearby. I had a hard time making friends there—I didn't fit in. I was an awkward big-boned pasty white boy and couldn't relate with the Indian children there. I was close to my parents and my pet goat. Ralph was his name, and he was a Himalayan tahr. It was in my lonliness, and his sadness for being born without opposable thumbs that a friendship sparked an grew. He was dear to me like Ben was close to Michael Jackson as a young boy. (disclaimer)

But who am I now? Well, first off, I'm a dude. Not the dude—I would never take that title from my hero. I'm front-end web developer, want-to-be mountain man, nerd, philanthropist and a Christian. This site will be my development playground, resume, blog and canvas for self-expression. I'll talk about life, work, user interface concepts, development, and theology if I feel like it.