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about chase

Chase Richardson


Back in 2005, I started in the world of marketing, building SEO and PPC campaigns while updating web pages. I transitioned into eCommerce and then web-based software. I've had the opportunity of building software for a startup from inception through acquisition, and being a part of so many phases of business development has been quite a ride. I've also had the opportunity to work on some pretty cool projects for large companies, including Esri and Party City.


Now, I'm a lead developer with Computershare, building banking/legal software for the bankruptcy industry. I get to spend time developing cool stuff, and build processes for scalability. It's been a learning process being with a company through so many phases of business development, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I'm interested in theology, technology, cars and beer. I love my wife, my work and I love to tinker. I love programming, especially in javascript. But more than that, I love developing when it's directly tied to revenue and business development.

That's a wrap! Here's my resume.